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Making the Swap from Disposables To Reusable - Start With Paper Towel

The discussion over paper towels being harmful to our environment is quite frightening, It's never really been focused on in this billion dollar industry until the effects of paper towel manufacturing were examined when scientists at Massachusetts Institute of Technology conducted a complete Life Cycle Assessment of various technologies including paper towels, hand dryers, and cotton roll towels, the result was beyond belief. Environmental scientists where dumbfounded to learn that recycled paper towels have the second most negative effect.

The harmful effects of paper towels start from its manufacturing process and disposal. Paper towels are made from wood pulp just like any other paper product. The chemical compounds and other elements used to manufacture soft paper towels can be toxic in nature and have negative effects on the environment.

Made with anti-bacterial chemicals, these supposedly harmless paper towels can be considered a bio hazard when disposed in landfills. Paper towels can not be recycled and there is no way to reuse most disposable paper products. The length of time it takes to biodegrade is usually about a year and thicker paper towels can take longer to disintegrate.

The production of paper towels and other related products requires things like cutting trees, use of chemicals, fuel, water, and electricity and all these can contribute to millions of metric tons of CO2 annually, Disposing these paper towels has also become a major environment issue.

Today, there are lots of eco-friendly alternatives that can be used in exchange for paper towels. Sustainable alternatives like Unpaper Towels are the perfect swap for disposables. Our Unpaper Towels are made of one ply absorbent flannelette and therefore naturally cling to each other so you can easily roll them on and off of your regular paper towel dispenser for easy use and storage.