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Why We Plant One Tree With Every Purchase

Our one tree planted initiative is taken very seriously by us and here is why;
A lot of companies have started to do something great for the environment. It has become an ongoing trend among entrepreneurs of planting one tree with every purchase and it is actually encouraging the buying public to take part in this wonderful effort. As more and more non-profit organizations and environmental charity focusing on global reforestation, it has become a lot easier customers to give back to the environment and create a healthier climate while protecting biodiversity and helping reforestation efforts around the world. And this has become a possibility with the plant one tree initiative.
Thriving World are taking on the initiative by planting one tree for every product purchased. Companies like Thriving World provide opportunities for their customers to help the world recover and thrive again.  The company has been selling various innovative products and eco-friendly items for years.
They have been promoting the plant one tree initiative since the company has started by planting one tree with every purchase to help fight against deforestation. Thriving World believes that there is still hope for the world and they encourage their customers to purchase one of their sustainable products and they will plant one tree on the customer’s behalf.
Trees will be planted in the following areas:
North America
Latin America
The Pacific
We not only pay for the planting of the tree we pay for the growing of the samplings, teams to plant the trees and trees being maintained and monitored for 6 months!
Trees not only help clean the air we breathe but they also filter the water we drink while providing habitat to over eighty percent of the world's terrestrial biodiversity. And while most may not know it, trees can also provide jobs to over 1.6 billion people. They can absorb harmful carbon from the air and are key components in 25% of all available medicines today.
Imagine how the world will look like if all businesses and customers take part on this wonderful initiative. Deforestation has become a global concern but if a percentage of every sale is donated to reforestation projects across the globe, it can definitely make a huge impact of saving the earth from destruction and creating a sustainable solution that will last for generations.